Why Vitalik Buterin Praised Polygon (MATIC)

Why Vitalik Buterin Praised Polygon (MATIC) for Its Revolutionary Tech

New milestones often mark significant leaps toward a more interconnected and efficient cryptocurrency market. One such landmark achievement by Polygon has captured the crypto community’s attention, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

This development involves the release of the “Type 1 prover,” a novel component designed to enhance the scalability and interoperability of Ethereum-compatible networks through zero-knowledge proofs.

Polygon Unveils New Technological Advancement

Polygon’s recent unveiling of the Type 1 prover represents a pivotal moment in the blockchain industry. Indeed, it enables any network compatible with Ethereum’s EVM standard to transform into a Layer 2 network. This integration facilitates a seamless connection to Polygon’s expansive ecosystem and marks a new era of blockchain efficiency and accessibility.

The technological brilliance of this advancement has not gone unnoticed by Vitalik Buterin. He has long championed the potential of zero-knowledge proofs to elevate the capabilities of Layer 2 networks, bringing them on par with their foundational blockchains.


“Personally, my hope is that everything becomes Type 1 over time, through a combination of improvements in ZK-EVMs and improvements to Ethereum itself to make it more ZK-SNARK-friendly. In such a future, we would have multiple ZK-EVM implementations which could be used both for ZK rollups and to verify the Ethereum chain itself,” Buterin wrote.

The significance of this breakthrough lies in its potential to unify the fragmented blockchain industry. By allowing EVM chains and optimistic rollups to connect without modifications to the Type 1 prover and subsequently to Polygon’s Aggregation layer, networks can tap into Ethereum’s vast liquidity and value.

This achievement is a critical component of Polygon’s roadmap. It emphasizes the integration of “zero-knowledge” or ZK cryptography as a cornerstone technology for future developments.

The Type 1 prover promises an unparalleled level of compatibility with Ethereum. It boasts the capability to generate ZK proofs for Ethereum mainnet blocks at a minimal cost per transaction. Therefore showcasing the efficiency and affordability of this advanced cryptographic method.

“With the Type 1 upgrade, proofs created by the Polygon zkEVM prover in Type 1 mode are already being generated for mainnet Ethereum blocks at an average cost of $0.002 to $0.003 per transaction (>36x faster than any other Type 1 prover). With Plonky3 and zkEVM improvements, expect a 30 to 50X reduction in cost over the next year,” Polygon Labs wrote.

Analysts Turn Bullish on MATIC Price Potential

Amidst this technological stride, the price action of MATIC has drawn bullish outlooks from different analysts. Sentiments range from optimism about buying opportunities during the crypto bull run to expectations of a strong upward movement. The market’s reaction underscores the potential impact of Polygon’s innovations on its token’s value.

For instance, Mister Crypto pointed out that MATIC is “lagging hard in this crypto bull run,” suggesting it could be an opportune moment to acquire the token at a lower price. Concurrently, Crypto Rand highlighted the token’s “consolidation” phase following its breakthrough of a significant resistance level, hinting at a potential bullish surge.

Furthermore, Cold Blooded Shiller underscored MATIC’s performance on higher time frames, describing it as “one of the best charts in crypto at the moment.”

“MATIC doing that thing where it’s like ‘haha I’m so weak at resistance oooh please short me’ then BAM it hits the upside,” Cold Blooded Shiller said.

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Polygon (MATIC) Price Performance. Source: TradingView

Polygon’s Type 1 prover is a beacon for the future of blockchain interoperability and efficiency. As speculation mounts about MATIC’s future price action, the anticipation for what is next in Polygon’s journey is palpable. The expert validation from figures like Vitalik Buterin bolsters this.


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