Shido Network Mainnet is Set for Completion

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Shido has completed the integration of the WASM compiler in Shido Network mainnet. Shido Network mainnet is set for completion by the end of the week. Protocol audits are ongoing in parallel with @SecurityOak. The validator application and new Shidoscan V4 are in the final stages.

The integration of the WASM compiler in the Shido Network mainnet is a significant step forward in its development. With the completion of the mainnet expected by the end of this week, Shido is making great progress in its efforts to provide a secure and efficient platform for its users.


It’s also reassuring to know that protocol audits are being conducted in parallel with @SecurityOak. This will help ensure that the network is secure and functioning as intended. The final stages of the validator application and the new Shidoscan V4 are also promising signs of progress.



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