Wall Street Memes Crypto Presale Raises $100k Minutes After Launch, The Next Pepe Coin or Dogecoin?

Wall Street Memes Crypto Presale Raises $100k Minutes After Launch, The Next Pepe Coin or Dogecoin?

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Meme coins are overturning the crypto market with massive price actions, especially as memes go viral as a leading means of interaction and communication.

The value of meme content has surged over the past months as several new projects hit the market, providing investors with massive returns. 

These examples include Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, the all-viral Pepe Coin, and SpongeBob Token.

However, another new meme project has emerged, poised as the pinnacle of meme culture. 


With thousands of organic followers on Instagram and Twitter, this project, Wall Street Memes ($WSM), plans to take over the meme ecosystem. 

Wall Street Memes presale has raised $100,000 just minutes after launch. Is this the next Pepe Coin?

What Are Wall Street Memes?

Wall Street Memes is a meme project launched on May 25, 2023, by the Wall Street Memes Movement. 

The project aims to tokenize the meme movement leveraging the success of internet culture over capitalism. 

Also, WSM aims to allow ordinary people to get rich by holding no-utility meme coins. 

As Gordon Gekko said in the 80s, while getting rich off useless stocks: “Greed is good,” the WSM army wants to prove that greed is, indeed, very good.

Like most meme coins, WSM has no utility. But it is backed by a vast meme movement. It is an extension of the Wall Street Meme Platform. 

WSM allows its community to get rich while enjoying top-tier meme content created by the Wall Street Memes team.

WSM Tokenomics

Wall Street Memes is an ERC20 token with a hard cap of $30,577,000 and a total supply of 2,000,000,000. The project team reserved 50% of the total token supply for presale.

Wall Street Memes’ governance is highly centralized, as 100% of the token supply is available to the community. 

Of the remaining 50%, 30% is for community reward, 10% for CEX liquidity, and 10% for DEX liquidity.

Can Wall Street Memes (WSM) Follow The Pawprints of Dogecoin And Pepe Coin?

Wall Street Memes has gained unexpected recognition from prominent figures like Elon Musk, the meme coin maker and slayer. Elon Musk recently retweeted the project. 

Musk’s tweets were the highest contributor to Dogecoin’s popularity. 

Dogecoin first came to the limelight after Elon Musk’s tweet and continued soaring following several remarks by the billionaire entrepreneur. 

The same could happen to Wall Street Memes.

Moreover, WSM raised over $100,000 a few minutes after launching its presale stage one. 

There are 30 presale stages, and the price would increase as each sells out. 

It is worth noting that the $WSM price would increase by 100% by the end of the presale. Investors can leverage early bird pricing before the price increases. At press time, the project is in presale stage 1.

The token price caps at $0.025 and would increase to $0.0253 in the next presale stage. 

The community can buy $WSW tokens in the presale before the exchange listing using ETH, BNB, USDT, or a bank card.

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