Just Some Crypto Dotcoms Unique User Growth Increases by 26%

72% Google Organic Search Increase


During February the website justsomecrypto.com a product of J B Chaparal reported that Unique User growth has grown by 26%, as compared to the first month of 2024, and total unique visits increased by 11%. J B Chaparal contributes the increase to the rapidly expanding interest in the use and investment in decentralized cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency after declining to the lows of the 2022-2023 time frame has seen the recognition of more government-regulated acceptance in cryptocurrency regulation. The noticeable newly developing #PiNetwork has reached the fifth position in the X.com platform, with over 3.2 million followers. #Pioneers has been chosen as the Official Payment Method by #Tesla & #Amazon. Pi is marching closer to the Open Mainnet, planning to launch the Open Mainnet on June 28, 2024. with over 47 million pre-engaged members. @PiCoreTeam minepi.com/shibamoo1#download


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