El Salvador’s GDP Could Grow 10X With Bitcoin

El Salvador’s Economic Leap: Cathie Wood Predicts 10X GDP Growth With Bitcoin

El Salvador could witness an unprecedented economic transformation. According to Cathie Wood, over the next five years, its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) might increase tenfold.

Wood is the founder and CEO of ARK Invest. She has often made bold price predictions for Bitcoin (BTC).

Cathie Wood Explains Why El Salvador’s GDP Can Surge 10X

This optimistic projection hinges on the nation’s sustained adoption of Bitcoin and artificial intelligence (AI) under President Nayib Bukele’s leadership.

“President Bukele’s determination to turn El Salvador into an oasis for the Bitcoin and AI communities—two of the biggest economic and technology revolutions in history—is the reason I believe its real GDP could scale 10-fold during the next five years,” Cathie Wood said.

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Cathie Wood, Stacy Keiser, and Max Keiser Meet El Salvador President – Nayib Bukele. Source: X (Twitter)

El Salvador’s economy currently has a GDP of approximately $30 billion and an average monthly income of just $450. Recognizing the Laffer Curve principles—which suggest that potential tax rate reductions can increase tax revenues—Bukele’s administration has introduced significant tax incentives.

Consequently, these measures are poised to stimulate economic activity and attract global investment.

Additionally, the government has integrated ARK Educate’s cutting-edge curriculum into the national education system. This includes subjects like robotics, energy storage, AI, blockchain, and multiomics. Wood believes these initiatives are fundamental to Bukele’s vision of transforming El Salvador into a hub for technological innovation.

Moreover, in an initiative promoting transparency and investor confidence, El Salvador recently provided public access to its Bitcoin investment data through a customized mempool. This move strategically highlights the country’s commitment to its digital currency ventures. Recent figures reveal that El Salvador holds over 5,764.75 Bitcoins, valued at over $391.36 million.

El Salvador Bitcoin Portfolio
El Salvador Bitcoin Portfolio. Source: Bitcoin Office

Moreover, the nation’s venture into sustainable cryptocurrency mining highlights its innovative approach. Utilizing geothermal energy from the Tecapa volcano, El Salvador has mined approximately 474 Bitcoins since 2021. This eco-friendly mining operation contributes to a sustainable environmental footprint.

Following Bukele’s reelection, his administration is set to advance plans for a tax-free haven and the launch of Bitcoin bonds. Despite opposition from international bodies like the International Monetary Fund, which criticized the decision to legalize Bitcoin, the government remains steadfast.

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El Salvador’s pioneering stance has caught the eye of major tech corporations. Notably, Google Cloud announced a strategic partnership with the government to bolster the country’s digital infrastructure. This collaboration will focus on enhancing government services, healthcare, and education through advanced cloud technologies and AI.


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