Crypto Traders Gear Up and Flock to AltSignals’ New Token, ASI

Crypto Traders Gear Up and Flock to AltSignals’ New Token, ASI

The Crypto markets can prove challenging to navigate due to the volatile nature of its response to Macro economic and political incidents which affect it. This volatility is further fuelled by the speculative nature of the projects to which cryptocurrencies are attached, with new and cutting-edge technologies being applied while in their infancy but with potentially revolutionary outcomes affecting the future.

AltSignals is one such platform that is adopting brand-new technologies, as it also launches the presale round of its new token, ASI. Here’s why crypto traders are already flocking to get on board with this exciting, unique opportunity.

AltSignals: Making online trading simple

AltSignals launched in 2017 and rapidly grew into a highly successful online trading community, now serving 52,000 members. The platform provides trading intel including the best entry-level investments and target prices which its community should consult before buying or selling. The new algorithmic AltAlgo™ trading indicator is designed to help members maximize the profitability of the volatile nature of the crypto market.

Alongside this well-established capability, AltSignals Is harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the quality of its signals further and begin revolutionizing the trading signals market with its ActualizeAI toolkit.


To help push AltSignals to the forefront of the AI-powered crypto revolution, it is currently launching its ASI coin during a five-round presale event before hitting exchanges later in 2023. ASI coin holders receive several benefits, including exclusive access to ActualizeAI signals and joining the ActualizeAI Club.

Can ASI reach $1 in 2023?

The beta presale phase launched the new token, ASI, at the price of $0.012, a value set to rise over the event to an eventual $0.02274. The deflationary tokenomics, and built-in utility within the AltSignals platform, which the AI capability will further enhance, looks set to catapult ASI to the forefront of Web3 AI-enabled projects.

The rich potential of ASI could see it go stratospheric when it hits the exchanges after the presale, and some analysts predict that ASI could push toward the $1 barrier by the end of the year. Even if it falls slightly short of this mark, early investors will more than likely see handsome returns on their initial outlay during the presale.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is one of Web3’s largest online trading communities, helping investors consistently profit by navigating market trends. The release of the ASI token will help expand the blockchain operations for all AltSignals alongside the ActualizeAI toolkit.

ActualizeAI combines machine learning algorithms that continually scour markets 24/7 to provide the most up-to-date data fed through a pioneering predictive modeling tool and eventually merged with natural language processing (NLP) to deliver highly accurate signals to the AltSignals community.

The results of ActualizeAI-enabled signals are impressive levels of data that determine the best entry point for investors seeking new trades at the best buy/sell prices. Access to the toolkit is available to all ASI token holders.

How does ASI work?

As well as unlocking access to ActualizeAI signals, coin holders can choose to become members of the ActualizeAI club. This unlocks access to some of the most lucrative crypto opportunities, including the best presale events and most profitable-looking p2p sales.

In addition, ASI coin holders can make their holding work for them by gaining crypto rewards through a couple of routes. Firstly, the Innovate2Earn program incentivizes users to give feedback on new features during beta testing. Crypto tokens are rewarded to those that test and comment on the useability and feasibility of each component before gaining exclusive use when new additions to the ecosystem go live for a limited period.

Finally, ASI is a governance token in addition to having  a sizeable amount of utility in AltSignals. This allows all coin holders to have voting rights on the platform’s governance and future strategic direction. This community-minded focus is central to ASI’s overall investment appeal.

Could AI be the next big thing in crypto trading?

Blockchain technology and AI are in their infancy. The full power of each has yet to be fully realized, and crypto projects certainly look set to play a big part in the development of AI. Onlookers will be watching the progress of Altsginals’ adoption of AI technology within the blockchain arena with keen interest.

With AI built to analyze complicated and large datasets and continually evolve and learn, thus improving the accuracy of its signals, and blockchain effectively providing a huge decentralized database to be mined, the two technologies are considered to complement each other with rich dividends available.

AltSignals looks very well set to quickly harness the potential of both technologies and become a leading adopter of AI in the crypto trading sector and wider blockchain world. This innovative use of the two technologies could catapult AltSignals skywards very quickly.

Is ASI worth buying?

The ASI token presale is an outstanding investment opportunity as it goes hand-in-hand with an ambitious, pioneering crypto project and enjoys the backing of a well-established name in the crypto world.

AltSignals’ new AI-enabled toolkit can help crypto traders maximize their profits more easily. With this new ASI token unlikely to revisit the low prices of its presale event, now is the time for the early investor to get involved at the current price, with dividends anticipated on the horizon.

You can participate in the AltSignals presale here.

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